A Checklist

  • Finish my homepage lander.
  • Write a new article or ten.
  • Help as many people as possible.
  • Market the way I know I should.


Check out this band…wow…


My latest work on the 100-Heads Challenge. I just keep forgetting ot update my sketchbook. 😂 I’m fallible. I’m human.

Heads 6 & 7

After messing up a hand REALLY BAD on #7, I put the drawing down and moved on. I went too dark and left myself no room to repair it.

Head Studies

Overdrawings studying the planes of heads from r/redditgetsdrawn/


For a client. Not the final design. Will refine tomorrow.

Luna Trillium

For a client.

100 Heads Continued

Brow Studies

100 Heads Challenge Continued

100 Heads 1-2

Starting the 100 Heads Challenge in a little pocket sketchbook that my amazing wife got me for Father’s Day.

Term 1 Finished

I’m really happy about this little sketch. I think I fell short of 25 items a little bit, but they wouldn’t be difficult to add in some of the negative space I have.