What I’m Doing Now

Updated: 6th of March, 2022

I’m currently living in Morehead, Kentucky, but itching to travel and explore with my family. I’ve always been a nomad at heart, so being “settled” for such a long time is making me restless.

I’m the patriarch of a family of five. I have two businesses with two business partners. And I keep my personal blog to be helpful and show my constant work-in-progress.


Me — Papa Bear. I’m a mindful workaholic but I always put my kids in bed.

Haley — Stay-at-Home Mama Bear. Currently seeking gainful employment to move us closer to our goals as a family. Humble goals that seem impossible for some families.

Maddix — Five. Lover of all things artistic, especially if scissors are involved. High-energy and creative. Loves wearing fingernail polish, Spider-Man, climbing trees, and monster trucks.

Arya — Two point Five-ish. Sounds like a pack-a-day smoker of 30 years (and has since she was born). It’s hilarious. Loves Disney princesses and thinks she is the queen of the universe.

Harper – 8 months. A cute crawler who thinks everything is funny. Curious. Loves to stand up. Will likely walk any day. Likes to make dove sounds.

Affinity Art Co.

The tattoo studio that feels like home for the artists and the clients, alike. Built with Autumn Dennis.

Currently training Ashlee and Erin. We want to focus on artistic development for all of our artists, so we invest heavily in quality art training.

Our hope is to change the stigma and assumptions around tattooing by focusing on the art and being charitable to local foundations that benefit the entire community.


Built with Chris Beaven. In the middle of a pivot as we try to find a way to meet our audience where they’re at and deliver something that they want and need.

The idea was originally to build something that would help artists develop the meta skills necessary to be successful with their craft.

Focusing on the podcast is going to be the next evolution — since that’s the thing that we’ve been asked by artists to do.


I’m addicted to learning. I’ve had to slow down and find out how to direct my learning while I track it.

I read one book at a time while I take notes on it. I read slowly and deliberately.

I use Notion to collect ideas that I would like to use for writing (with citations).

I use Anki to study ideas that I want to internalize, usually involving business, communication, or creativity.

I’m following a 3-year curriculum with online courses that I curated and developed for myself, with one art course alongside one business/thinking/parenting/other course for every “unit.”

This will expand into a lifelong curriculum, I’m sure. I like having a plan, though.

Finally, I’m studying under Guy Aitchison as one of the first students through his new course — Reinventing the Tattoo: Evolution.