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Help me make a little bit of a living. Here are referral links for products and services that I love. I won’t promote anything that I don’t love.


If you need to start saving for retirement and want to make it easy — Acorns is awesome. Especially if you need a Roth IRA as an independent contractor. I earn variable amounts when you sign up.

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I made not-great decisions when I started tattooing, and needed to rebuild my credit. Self did the trick. Quick and easy credit building IF you develop good habits. I get $10 for every person who signs up.

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My last financial recommendation. Chime has online checking and savings with the best interest rates I can find. And the card looks cool. And we both get $100 when you sign up with direct deposit.

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Best…sleep…ever… Haley and I invested in a Puffy Lux mattress and never looked back. Our sleep scores have never been better. You get $800 off, I get enough credit to buy a killer pillow.

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Comfortable AF, hilarious prints, and comes in matching pairs for the couples out there! Yes, my boxers are the brightest piece of my wardrobe. You get 20% off, I get $20 toward a matching set next month.

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