How I Indulge My Love of Learning

I love learning. It’s my #1 strength according to the VIA Character Report. Leaders are readers, right?

But I can over-use that strength. Any virtue without moderation can become a vice.

I used to get stuck in books and courses at the exclusion of everything else in my life. If I was learning, I was happy. I wanted to consume as much information as I could — because knowledge is power!

I kept trying to learn FASTER. And I was wrong to do that because knowledge isn’t power. Not until you put it into action.

Instead, I wanted to learn BETTER. It was time to slow down.

I have a good memory for what I read, even when I read quickly. But it isn’t perfect.

I wanted to digest what I was reading instead of cramming it into my head without a useful reason.

I started taking notes, putting those notes into a system, and USING those notes to live my life.

The knowledge I digested started to fit into a latticework. The latticework became a philosophy. And now, that philosophy can evolve as new ideas are added or replace old ideas.

Learning has a new depth when you digest, connect, and create with your reading material.

Slow down and enjoy the ride! There’s no test at the end to see how much you remember.

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