You weren’t born to WASTE your CREATIVITY

Business shouldn’t be a dirty word for scared artists.

Don’t hide behind your easel. Make an impact.

Embrace your calling and become a high-performing Professional Artist.

Are you terrified of starving as an artist?

Earning a living from art is paralyzing.

You lay awake wondering when you’ll get your next commission.

You share your soul only to have your work ridiculed – or even worse – ignored.

I get it.

I’ve wondered whether my dream was worth the fight. I’ve been the ashamed father who couldn’t get his kids Christmas presents.

I’m Josh.

I’m a tattoo artist who did everything wrong.

But I found answers that changed my life.

You don’t have to stress about your next meal, accept every shitty job offer or gamble with your life savings.

I’ve learned from these painful mistakes so you don’t have to.

  • I learned how to create predictable income for my family.
  • I learned how to get my best clients excited to refer their friends to my business.
  • I learned how to reduce the fear in everything I do as a professional artist.

How I Can Help

Network Consulting

Build out your network with the right people in your corner. Conquer the world from a place of safety.

Content Strategy

Create content that speaks to your ideal clients. Become a trusted advisor and keep them coming back.

Marketing Strategy

Learn to market so you never have to sell. Attract perfect clients with the right positioning and packaging.

Professional Development

Get rid of your excuses and learn how to make a career from your art. Decide to thrive, not just survive.

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